Bulk add course in Skills Master Pro

Select the Enter Courses menu item

Adding the course with a number of Employees

Select Bulk Add

Select the Course Name

The name of the course may differ from the selected skill.

For example, the skill may be called "Microsoft Excel Advanced" and the course name "Excel"

Select the Course Type

The course type can be anything and is used when reporting

Select the training Provider

The training provider is used for reporting on costs etc.

Select a Skill

This is not mandatory for a course. However it could be useful when reporting.

Select the required Employees

Any number of Employees can be selected.

Each course is saved individually against the employee.

Enter required data

  1. The Start date of the course.
  2. The course end date.
  3. The number of hours the course lasts.
  4. The cost of the course.
  5. The cost to the company whilst employees attend the course.
  6. The date the course is due for renewal.
    • This is not mandatory and is calculated if a skill is added where it has a validity period.

Saving the Course

Click Save to save the changes.