Adding an employee to Skills Master Pro

Select the Employee Maintenance menu item

Now select Add Employee

This will take you to the employee add/edit screen. To edit an existing employee, please see How do I edit an Employee.

Now fill in the required data for the employee

  1. Enter the Employee Number.
    • This is not mandatory see point 2
  2. Auto Generate an Employee Number by checking this.
    • This will clear the Employee Number if anything has been entered.
  3. Enter the Forename
  4. Enter the Surname
  5. Select a Job Title
    • This is not mandatory and must exist on the system. To add Job Titles please see How do I add a Job Title.
  6. Enter the employees Start Date
    • This is not mandatory and defaults to the day the employee is added to Skills Master Pro.
  7. Browse for a photograph of the employee
    • A head shot would be preferable for this
    • The photo is resized and copied to the server
    • Please note that if a photograph is added to the employee it is automatically saved first.
  8. Save your new employee
  9. Cancel any changes.

Setting the Skills Master Pro access level for employees.

Allocating Roles to Employees