Building a report using the Skills List in Skills Master Pro.

Select the Skills List menu item.

The Skills List shows all Employees in all Departments along with associated competencies.

Skills Master Pro includes Excel style filtering on each column within the grid.

As you type the grid will filter the content. The default setting is Contains.

This will return anything that contains your filter string. For example: Typing John would return John Smith and Andrew Johnson etc.

Filtering can also be done by selecting the filter symbol at the right of the column header.

Dragging a column header to the group bar will group everything by that column.

Dragging more than one column header will cascade the groups.

You can rearrange the group order by dragging the headers within the group bar,

Clicking Expand All will expand the groups to show all data.

Drag the column header back to the grid to remove grouping.

Having built your report, you can export it to Excel.

The exported report will reflect the filtering and grouping you have in the grid.