Customising screens enables administrators to apply a corporate look and feel to Skills Master Pro.

This tutorial shows how to customise the Employee detail screen, though the same principal applies to all screens where customisation is applied.

Access the Employee detail screen

Hover over the employee tile and select the detail button.

Right click on the form you want to customise. It is better to right click over a label.

Select Customise Layout.

The customisation form

The customisation form shows all items.

  1. Reset
    • Resets the form to the original Skills Master Pro setting.
  2. Save
    • Saves the form layout to the database. All users will see the new layout.
  3. Undo
    • Undo the previous action
  4. Redo
    • Redo the previous action
  5. Items
    • All items on the form.
    • The items can be selected and moved around in this list.
  6. Properties
    • Properties can be changed here

Moving items

Click and item to select it.

The item can then be dragged to a new postion or it’s properties changed.

Changing properties

Having selected an item, the text, it’s location and visibility can be changed.