Setting parameters in Skills Master Pro.

Select the Skills Master Pro Admin menu item.

Applying the required parameter settings.

  1. The path to the Skills Master Pro repository.
    • This is the path set at install.
    • The path should be in UNC format so that all users can access any saved documentation.
  2. Review Length
    • Set this to the length of time, in months, between reviews.
    • Skills Master Pro reminders use this value to set initial reminders.
  3. Show Training Needs Analysis
    • Check this box to show/include Training Needs Analysis in your reporting.
  4. Objectives. Icons or Scoring.
    • Icons is the default setting and will show Objectives in icon format.
    • Scoring gives the capability to set scoring against an objective.
    • This is explained further in How do I set up Scoring?
  5. Set up Scoring
    • This button will only be enabled if Scoring is selected.
  6. Browse Logo
    • Your logo should be a maximum of 400 pixels wide by 280 pixels high.
    • The logo is copied to the server and should be instantly available.
  7. Save.
    • Save new settings.