Using reminders in Skills Master Pro.

The Skills Master Pro notifier sits in the notification area in Windows.

Please note that this could differ between windows versions.

Notifications are automatic though it is possible to initiate when required.

Right click the Skills Master Pro icon.

Select Show Notifications

Selecting suspend will stop notifications until the PC is restarted or notifications are re enabled.

You will now see the standard alert for reminders

Select Click to see your reminders.

The reminders dialogue

Reminders are grouped by date and can be filtered by Reminder Type.

  1. Select the required reminder.
  2. Create a new course for the selected reminder.
  3. Remove the selected reminder
  4. Change the reminder date.
  5. Move the reminder to a different date.

Change Reminder Date

Changing the reminder date will move the reminder to the selected date.

This might be used where it may fit in with existing training plans.

Renewing a course.

Clicking Create will show the following dialogue, pre populated with the skill and course details.

The highlighted fields can be changed to suit.

Remind Me

Set the number of days required before the reminder should appear again.